To My Assistant

Notes for my future assistant. Let's both of us hope that I don't change too much in between now and whenever it is I have enough wealth and importance to hire you.

Today’s the last day to enter our TMA Contest!

Can’t choose from the overwhelming amount of horror stories you’ve experienced over the years? Here’s a likely topic of boss-related angst: food. Have you experienced a food-related incident—or disaster—at the hands of your boss? As assistants, we’ve seen it all: from excessive half-caf, one-pump sugar-free vanilla latte runs to last minute catering fiascos to driving across town in rush hour traffic for your boss’s favorite sushi roll. Share your favorite food-related assistant story to win a $10 Starbucks card (details below).


To enter: Submit your worst assistant story to todayWe’ll pick the three most egregious stories to post anonymously on The three lucky winners will receive a To My Assistant Prize Package, including:

  • $10 Starbucks card—forget coffee for the boss. This one’s on us and for you.
  • A copy of my new book, To My Assistant
  • Your very own set of neon green post-its with “inspirational” quotes to get you through those late nights when your boss just won’t let you leave.
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